Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s li-ion battery?

A: Li-ion battery mainly refers to the use of lithium in the electrode material as the main active substance of a class of batteries. We normally manufacture rechargeable lithium battery, which is also called secondary battery. It can be used repeatedly charge and discharge.

Q: Are li-ion batteries safe?

A: Similarly, one should avoid certain things when handling a Lithium ion battery. For example, a Li-ion battery should not get hot, over-charged, over-discharged, or shorted. Battery packs contain a PCB/PCM that prevents over-charge, over-discharge, or short-circuit. So, the only remaining things to avoid are: physically abusing the battery and getting it hot. So don’t throw battery into a fire.

Q: What’s the li-ion batteries charge voltage?

A: The charging voltage depends on the Li-ion chemistry. For example, if the cathode is composed of LiFePO4 (LFP), its normal voltage is 3.2V. Thus 4 cells in series gives a normal voltage of 12.8V. A LFP cell is typically charged up to a voltage of 3.65V, which corresponds to 14.6V for 4 cells in series. If the cathode is composed of LCO, its normal voltage is 3.7V. The max. Charge voltage is 4.2V.

Q: What’s the charge current for lithium ion batteries?

A: The normal charge current is 0.2C-0.5C, and max. charge current is 1C.

Q: How to charge lithium ion battery?

A: CC/CV. For example, charging LiFePO4 cell at constant current 0.2C or 0.5C until LFP cell to reach 3.65V, then charging the lifepo4 cell at constant voltage 3.65V for fully charged at room temperature.

Q: What’s a cycle?

A: A complete cycle refers to the sequential charge and discharge of a battery pack or a cell.

Q: How many life cycles of LiFePO4 battery?

A: It’s 2000 cycles with 80% left at 100% DOD.

Q: Why are LiFePO4 batteries expensive?

A: The short answer is: they’re not! Over the lifetime of the battery, a Dragonfly Energy Li-ion battery pack is far cheaper than the lead acid alternative, because the cycle life more than compensates for the upfront premium.

Q: How can i get battery samples to check your quality?

A: After price confirmation, you can require for our battery samples to test.