Electric Bike Battery

Voltage: 24V / 36V / 48V
Capacity: 10Ah
Battery Cell: 18650 litium ion battery
Cycle life: more than 500 times
Application: e-bike, electric bicycle

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Electric Bike Battery rechargeable

Type: 24V / 36V / 48V 10Ah 18650 lithium ion battery

Electric bicycle battery model list
Model Parameter Remarks
Little frog * Battery Cell:Lithium ion battery with BMS, Charger, Alu case
* Power Capacity: 24V / 36V10Ah
* Dimension: 145*225*93mm
* Weight: 24V 10Ah–2.7KG
                36V 10Ah–3.5KG
Water bottle * Battery Cell:Lithium ion battery with BMS, Charger, Alu case
* Power Capacity: 24V / 36V10Ah
* Dimension: 90*90*325mm
* Weight: 24V 10Ah–3.0KG
                36V 10Ah–3.5KG
silver fish * Battery Cell:Lithium ion battery with BMS, Charger, Alu case
* Power Capacity: 24V / 36V / 48V 10Ah
* Dimension: 385*110*76mm
* Weight: 24V 10Ah–3.5KG
36V 10Ah–4.5KG   48V 10Ah–5.2KG